5 easy steps on how to be a great host
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17 July, 2017

So you’ve joined the My Gay Venture community and posted your first event and now the time has come to welcome your first guests. This can be a very strange situation the first time, but as with everything: practice makes perfect!

To help you along the way we have gathered 5 easy steps to make sure that your hosting experience runs smoothly and without a hitch, no matter if you are preparing a home-cooked meal, taking guests on a pub-crawl or something completely different.


Be on time

Probably the most important thing for both the host and the guest is punctuality.  You’ve probably already have had experiences with meeting a friend or family member and they are running late, making you grumpy and annoyed right from the start. As you can probably imagine, that is not the best way to start an exciting event, so make sure you are on time to meet your guests at the location agreed upon. If you are hosting a dinner party, your guest is of course also expected to arrive on time.

Make sure to make it as easy for them as possible by explaining in detail how to get to your house or meeting place. Have in mind that it might be the very first time they visit the city, and the streets and public transport that seem easy for you, might not be as easy for them. Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression.


Show them the city your gay way

A city can be explored in so many ways, so make sure the guests see it through your eyes! If you are hosting a gay pub-crawl then this is your opportunity to show off your choices for the best, hidden places, and small gems in your city. Doing a gay walking tour around your area? Customize it! …And show them all the places you like to hang out with your friends!

Even if you are creating a home-cooked meal then it’s a chance for you to show your take on traditional food in your country (but always be an extra good host and ask your guests for any allergies). In other words – use the opportunity to show them your city, in your own way! That’s the whole point of the My Gay Venture community – a way for travelers to see the city through the eyes of a local, guaranteeing a unique and custom made experience!

Read this and prepare to be a great host for your guests

Take your time

Unlike boring and predictable group tours, this is a way for you to really customize an event that is both interesting and refreshing for your guest. That’s why it’s important for both the guest and for you not to rush through the event, so it will lose half the fun. Now, of course we are not asking you to set aside a whole day to spend with your guests (unless you want to of course), but still make sure that they get the very best out of every location you are showing them, or every dish you serve.

We also know it can be kind of nerve-racking having to meet new people for the first time, and you will unintentionally try to rush through the day, so just  try to relax, shake off your nerves and enjoy the moment. After the instants it will be easier and as mentioned before, you have to remember that the more you do it, the easier it will become every time!


Engage with your guests in exciting conversation

Nerves can be a factor for both guests and hosts, so it’s important for you as a host to take the lead and make sure your guests feel welcome and at ease. You can easily do this with some good conversation topics. For example you can ask your guests abut their trip – is it their first time here, what else are they planning to see, and how long will they be staying?

Build on the conversation and let it flow from here. If you are hosting in Barcelona, and your guest is interested in art then recommend some cool places they can go, that might not appear in the traditional guidebooks. Keep the conversation light and happy and try to avoid topics that are negative and always show sincere interest in what your guest has to say. A warm and open host is by far more likely to get a good review and more bookings from that!


Follow up with your guests after the visit

Like any good hosts it is always good etiquette to follow up after your visit.  Of course we don’t mean you have to send a handwritten thank you note with flowers to your guests, but send them a few lines saying thank you and that you hope they had a great time. Also maybe your home-cooked meal really impressed them, or they really liked a bar you took them to, or your Spotify-playlist was just to their taste.

Rack up some extra points by following up your event. Do this by sending them an email with the recipe, a link to your playlist or a short list of the places you went to. They will feel extra pampered by doing this. The best hosts are always the ones who give that little bit extra ;-). Make sure you help us grow our awesome community by leaving a review for your guests. Who knows – maybe they will get a chance to host you in their hometown soon!


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