About us

”Connect and explore the first online LGBTQ travel community!”

My Gay Venture is the brainchild of young entrepreneur Peter Adrian Thordal-Torrado. Whilst doing an 8-month internship in Barcelona he started exploring the city in a way he hadn’t when previously visiting the Spanish metropolis on short getaways.

By living in the city and picking up tips from the locals, Peter Adrian started to explore the hidden gems and secret getaways and wanted to create a service that gave the same opportunies to fellow travelers. This was the beginning of My Gay Venture.

Quote Peter Adrian:
“Our goal is to create a portal that helps give travelers a different experience of a city, seen through the eyes of a local, with a focus on the LGBT-community”.

What inspires us

Today traveling has changed a lot from just 10 years ago. In the world of the sharing economy, hotel alternatives and low-cost flights have made the industry very competitive with prices getting lower and lower. We seek-out new adventures. We no longer only want to visit the biggest sights of the biggest cities, but also the small coastal towns and lesser-known historic sites. And we want to see it all through the eyes of a local. We want to live like locals, eat like locals and explore the city like locals.

My Gay Venture wants to enable travelers to explore the world exactly like that. We strive to be the number 1 source for LGBTQ travelers who seek a personal, different, and modern way to travel. We cater to the travelers of the world, who want unique experience and not tourists who are satisfied with run-of-the-mill trips. Through our platform you can meet like-minded locals and book one of our many experiences available: be it anything from a personal tour through the city, a bar crawl, a home cooked meal, or something completely different.

Guidebooks are a thing of the past and should remain there. In our digital reality, you are only a few clicks away from connecting with someone on the other side of the world.

My Gay Venture allows the members of the community to share their experiences with everyone and create a journal rich with content that allows you to get inspiration for your travels. Making sure you are always up-to-date with new trends and experiences available at your next destination. Find different offers from different locals in each city and tailor your vacation, so you need never experience the same city in the same way twice.

Our ultimate goal is to create digital and personal connections for the members of My Gay Venture and change the way we travel today. My Gay Venture is a portal for anyone in the community, regardless of sexual preference or gender identity. Whether you’re traveling alone, in a group, a couple or as a family – My Gay Venture is a place of acceptance for people all over the world to welcome like-minded people into their communities and homes. Let us all unite with each other across borders – both social and geographical.

Our goals

Our mission is to connect LGBTQ-travelers with locals offering unique travel experiences.

We aim to be the leading platform connecting LGBTQ-travelers across geographical borders.

We are a community in all sense of the word. We value acceptance, safety, trust, and allowing people to be themselves.

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