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Permit number CVR nr. 19916774

HIDDEN, Copenhagen, Kobenhavn DK-1559, Denmark
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110.00€ - 88.00€ Appel's Guest House HIDDEN, Copenhagen, Kobenhavn, DK-1559, Denmark 40509107 3 A: Single 1 C: Triple room 3 B: Double Room 1 D: 4-person room 2 BX: Double room King 1 E: Holiday apartment in City Center Single room 1 Twin Double (2 Single beds) 2 Two Queen double beds 4 Two Beds (Double + single) 3 Double Room Queen w. sitting area 2 Double Room Queen 2 With harbor view and balcony 3 With harbor view 2 Queen w. harbor view 1 Small Single Queen Size Bed 2 Holiday Apartment (1 double + 1 single beds) 3
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Property description

Carsten’s Guest House Copenhagen is an exquisite cool accommodation opportunity in the
heart of central Copenhagen, situated only 10 minutes, walk from the central station and the
main touristic attractions. This is your chance to stay at the oldest Gay guest house in
Copenhagen. The good news does not end here still! Here you’ll find both big and small
guestrooms, a wonderful living room with a fireplace, dim lounge music and occasional dance
The rooftop terrace is open all summer long and it is a great place to chill with a beer on
warm days before getting ready for the upcoming clubbing session. There is even a barbeque
grill that you can use for a nice and fresh dinner.
The accommodation facilities are also a great value for the money as each room is unique,
retro and with Asian touches. Something you need to consider is that all rooms in the Guest
House come with shared washrooms.
When it comes to the owner, Carsten, we can say that he is a friendly and very open-minded
person always welcoming his guests the best way possible. He’s the one who can offer you
guidance in case you need it for your day in Copenhagen and he’s living in the guesthouse as
well so you can always get to know him and his many hot friends better. He was the one
decorating the house and he left his own signature: the decoration can be described as high-
standard with a mix of liberal art everywhere around the house. Get ready to be flabbergasted
by the real life-size Greek male statue standing next to the marble headstones.
Depending on your scope of travelling, you got all the options open here. In case you are
backpacking, there’s a multi-bed dorm where you can accommodate yourself, there are also
single and double rooms as well as triple rooms and a four-person suite.
The rooms are non-smoking, but you can enjoy the free WIFI, cable TV, Minibar and
DVD/Music player. Smoking is allowed on the terrace and on cold winter days in the kitchen
under the fan.
Be ready to start a new adventure with My Gay Venture and its local partners. Because trips
are about the people you meet and the connections you make!

Room types

A: Single
C: Triple room
B: Double Room
D: 4-person room
BX: Double room King
E: Holiday apartment in City Center


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Area activities

From the guest house you can walk to all of Copenhagen's major tourist attractions in less than 15 minutes: Tivoli, National Museum, City Hall Square, Nyhavn, Christiania and the famous shopping streets called 'Strøget' and most of the Gay bars/clubs are less than 10 minutes-walk away - so no need for transport expenses.

In the summer you can go swimming right in front of the building at one of the city's very popular 'harbor-baths'. Just cross the street and jump in.

Check in times

12:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Your check in time must be prearranged and confirmed by the Guest House prier to your arrival. In general it is possible to check in at the guest house around the clock, day and night. But since the reception is only open when there is a need for it is important that your estimated arrival time is know by the guest house staff. An arrival time can be difficult to calculate for a guest who may be in Copenhagen for the first time. But the guest house staff have 22 years of experience in calculating your precise (+- 10 minutes) arrival time for you. They are familiar with general time used for: luggage handling, bus, train and metro rides, walks and finding car parking. When you make your booking the guest house will therefor request to know if you arrive by car, coach, train or plane. If you arrive Copenhagen by plane you will be asked for the time the plane lands (touch down) at CPH-airport. Example: If your airplane touch down at CPH-airport at 13:35 you will most likely arrive at the guest house at 14:50. (If you fly with Easy Jet add 5 minutes. If you do not have checked in luggage then subtract 10 minutes).


Copenhagen Airport - CPH

'Kastrup Lufthavn' is Copenhagens only airport. It has won prices as 0ne of the most effecient and best run airports in the world.  It is situated only 15-25 minutes drive from the city center choosing either taxi, train, metro or public bus.

Public transportation (Metro, Trains and buses) share the same ticket system. The ride from the airport to the City Center costs 36 DKK per person (Aprox. 4.80 euro). Ticket last for 1½ hour.

Going to Appel's Guest House from the airport:

Taxi: A taxi costs between 250 and 350 DKK depending on the time of the day.

Bus: We suggest you take public bus 5C directly to Otto Mønsteds Plads (0nly 150 meters walk from the guest house). Bus 5C runs day and night and it runs every 10 minutes (from Midnight to 6 AM only every 30 minutes). The bus stop is found just outside Terminal 2.

Train: Regional trains running every 20 minutes between Malmö (Sweden) and Copenhagen Central Station. The airport station is found under Terminal 2. From the Central Station you can either walk or take a bus to the guest house address. The walk takes only 10 minutes but you can also choose to take a bus for the distance (2 stops) if you have a lot of luggage to carry. Bus 5C (direction Airport) runs every 4 minutes. Get off at Otto Mønsteds Plads). Use the same ticket you used for the train).

Extra Services

Here's a list of some of the great things you can purchase while making a reservation at this property.

Bike rental

Rent a bike and explore the city

8.00€ (25%) ( Per days (min days) )

Breakfast buffet

We serve breakfast from 6am-10am

13.00€ (25%) ( Per person per day )



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A: Single - Single room 01

Max people: 1
B: Double Room - Twin Double (2 Single beds) 01

Max people: 2
D: 4-person room - Two Queen double beds 02

Max people: 4
C: Triple room - Two Beds (Double + single) 03

Max people: 3
B: Double Room - Double Room Queen w. sitting area 04

Max people: 2
B: Double Room - Double Room Queen 05

Max people: 2
BX: Double room King - With harbor view and balcony 06

Max people: 3
BX: Double room King - With harbor view 07

Max people: 2
A: Single - Queen w. harbor view 08

Max people: 1
A: Single - Small Single Queen Size Bed 13

Max people: 2
Floor: Loft
E: Holiday apartment in City Center - Holiday Apartment (1 double + 1 single beds) 100

Max people: 3
Tariff name Resource/property type Min people Max people Valid from Valid til   Minimum days Maximum days
Tariff A: Single 1 1 19th July 2019 19th July 2029 60.00€  Per night 1 365
Tariff 1 1 19th July 2019 19th July 2029 64.00€  Per night 1 365
Tariff B: Double Room 1 2 19th July 2019 19th July 2029 71.00€  Per night 1 365
Tariff C: Triple room 1 3 19th July 2019 19th July 2029 88.00€  Per night 1 365
Tariff 1 2 19th July 2019 19th July 2029 73.00€  Per night 1 365
Tariff 1 2 19th July 2019 19th July 2029 71.00€  Per night 1 365
Tariff D: 4-person room 1 4 19th July 2019 19th July 2029 119.00€  Per night 1 365
Tariff E: Holiday apartment in City Center 1 1 19th July 2019 19th July 2029 110.00€  Per night 1 365
Tariff BX: Double room King 1 2 19th July 2019 19th July 2029 76.00€  Per night 1 365
Tariff 1 2 19th July 2019 19th July 2029 79.00€  Per night 1 365

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