Gay Copenhagen – The Gay Triangle
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16 August, 2017

When exploring the Gay Copenhagen scene be sure to take note of the walk through history you’re really on.


As you may know, Denmark and Copenhagen have always been at the frontlines of the fight for social justice and LGTBQ-equality.
Starting at Regnbuepladsen (Rainbow Square), you’re standing on a square named this in honor of the first legal marriages in the world, that took place in the city hall next to the square all the way back in 1989.


On this square, you can see Oscar Bar & Café, named after Oscar Wilde. It’s an LGBTQ-establishment, but in the daytime it is also enjoyed by straights and a lot of tourists. Especially on Friday and Saturday nights when the DJ starts playing the signature house music it becomes a popular gay-bar where especially gay guys go for pre-drinks till it closes at 02:00.

Just around the corner you find My Fair Ladies. This is a relatively new bar, but it stands in the footprints of an old legendary gay-bar named Can-Can. My Fair Ladies is a very unique bar where the theme is exclusively showtunes, Eurovision and soundtracks. You can try on their wigs, watch the music videos and request your favorite songs. They stay open till the early morning in the weekends.


Just next to My Fair Ladies you find CentralHjørnet (Cental Corner), the oldest gay-bar in the world. It opened in 1917, so when you’re there, take a moment to remember the things this place has seen. Two world wars, the persecution of gays, the victories that were celebrated, the outbreak of the AIDS-epidemic, all the way of to todays equality. Through it all – CentralHjørnet was there. CentralHjørnet has a full and exciting event calendar, so when you’re there ask about upcoming shows.


On this street you also find SLM (Scandinavian Leather Men) which is a gay sex club, but they also have a very nice bar. The club is private, but you can buy one day memberships.


Just 300 meters away from CentralHjørnet is Studiestræde. This is the official name of the street, but it might as well be named Gay-street. Walking down the street, starting at one end you’ll find:
Jailhouse, a small basement level bar with retro-pop music. Cosy Bar, a small smokey bar with a dancefloor, colorful young and middle-aged cliental and a popular hang-out for drag queen.

Cosy Bar opened all the way back in 1932, and when you’re standing in front of the bar, you can look up at the ceiling and see the pictures of the very first regulars. Cosy Bar is also one of the places that are open till the early morning hours every day.


Right across the street from Cosy Bar you find the popular hang-out Masken Bar. It is a bar in two floors where people go to talk, pre-drink, play dice and generally just “hang-out”. There is no dancefloor, but there is music and they stay open till 03 in the weekdays and 05 in the weekends, so it is a very popular place to go. Next to Masken is KissKiss. KissKiss itself does not have a special theme or anything you can’t find elsewhere, BUT down the stairs you find the small but very festive Bear Bar. The name of the bar says all you need to know. In the weekends KissKiss and Bear Bar is a popular place to go if you’re out to stay out! Depending on the crowd the party can go on till noon the next day.


Lastly the Gay Street is also home to Copenhagen’s only public gay sauna, Amigo. There isn’t much to say about it other than that it’s a sauna, but if you come from a bigger city, there isn’t anything there you haven’t seen before. The sauna is non-alcoholic.


Just off the Gay Street is Men’s bar. When this bar opened it was called Mandalay and it was all the way back in 1944. Today Men’s Bar is considered a safe-haven for guys who are feeling kinky. All kinds and creeds are welcome as long as they’re male. When you’re inside there are no rules, as long you respect the other people, so what ever you are in the mood for, you can do it at Men’s Bar – but with the exceptions of the toilet booths, there is no place to hide. It is also one of the cheaper bars in Copenhagen. It closes at 02 every day.


Around the corner from Men’s Bar you find Nevermind Bar. It is a popular spot in the weekends, cuz t stays open till 08, and they play a mix of popular music and gay classics. It is a rather expensive bar, so people rarely go there till they’re already drunk.


Lastly, around the corner from Nevermind you find GAY Copenhagen. This is possibly the bar with the most youthful audience, this is because it is a bar that very much caters to young people. The music is strictly of course with a slight gay twist, but in many ways you could mistake it for a regular straight club. It is open till 05 in the weekends.

When you stand outside GAY Copenhagen you are 100 meters away from Rainbow Square, and this path is what Copenhageners know as “The Gay Triangle”


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